Solar Panel Cleaning Solution

Our company, which produces biocidal, veterinary group, solar panel, cosmetics and general hygiene products in addition to diagnostic products, has ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Management System certification in these production processes, and alcohol-free cosmetics, disinfectants. It also has Halal Certificate for the production of cleaning products as well. Our disinfectant products are licensed as a biocidal product by the Ministry of Health. All of our products are developed and produced at Erciyes University Technology Development Zone after being prescribed by the faculty members of Erciyes University, Kayseri University and Abdullah Gül University, which are our founding partners..


In this context, we offer you our ChemicaMed Solar Panel Cleaning Solution, which is the right cleaning chemical for solar equipment that we have produced based on our academic knowledge and experience. ChemicaMed Solar Panel Cleaning Solution is produced in a concentrated form suitable for dilutions ranging from 1/1000 to 1/2000. It is recommended to make these dilutions depending on the degree of contamination.



- It ensures stable efficiency by eliminating high production losses caused by weather conditions in installed solar power plants and photovoltaic panels.

- It does not cause scratches and wear on solar panels, glass and / or plastic coatings, aluminum frames.

- It is suitable for cleaning stubborn bird droppings, pollen, soot and dust stains from exhaust air systems.

- It can be used in automatic dosing devices and/or manual brush/sponge washing in all water hardnesses.

- It does not leave any lime residue, it does not leave a stain after drying.

No need to rinse.

- Environmentally friendly, can be discharged into the sewer.



You can use the product directly if it is suitable for the dosing of your automatic dosing device. If your device is suitable for lower dilution dosages, you can dilute it with water and put it in the dosing unit and use it.



Solar panels should be wetted with water first, then ChemicaMed Solar Panel Cleaning Solution should be spread on the panel manually with a brush/sponge.



Product Pcs/Box Pallet Size (cm) Box/Pallet Pallet/20'DC Pallet/40'HC Pallet/Truck
Solar Panel Cleaning Solution (20 L) 1 100x120 32 10 21 26
Solar Panel Cleaning Solution (5 L) 4 100x120 54 10 21 26
Solar Panel Cleaning Solution (1 L) 15 100x120 54 10 21 26


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 13485
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