Cleaning Foam
Cleaning Foam

Usage Instruction

It should be applied to teats with foaming equipment before milking. It can be used undiluted or diluted 1/1 (1 part water + 1 part cleaning foam). After the solution is provided to form foam, it is allowed to remain on the teats for 5 seconds. After the process is finished, it is dried with disposable towels and milking is started.
In the practice, the amount of consumption per cow varies between 1.8 ml and 2.0 ml.
The organic acids contained in it play a role in preventing the formation of the necessary environment for the reproduction of bacteria on the breast skin.

Its neutral structure (pH: 6-8) is not allergenic for teats. Thanks to skin-compatible care materials, it keeps the breast skin flexible and soft. The content of the solution has been prepared to provide permanent cleaning on the teats.


Retention Conditions

A dry and cool place without direct contact with sunlight. should be stored in the environment. Shelf life from date of manufacture from 24 months.



Lauryl ether sulfate

Lactic Acid

Citric Acid

Glycerin - Allantoin 



Product Pallet Size(cm) Pcs/Pallet Pallet/20'DC  Pallet/40'HC  Pallet/Truck

Cleaning Foam - Before Milking (24 KG)

100x120 32 10 21 26

Cleaning Foam - Before Milking (5 KG)

100x120 106 10 21 26


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