Nano Vit - Kanatlı Türler
Nano Vit - Kanatlı Türler

It is a Feed Additive that you can use to meet the need for Vitamins and Amino Acids for all animal species.

Application by adding it to drinking water; In all types of poultry, the prak dose is applied for 4-6 days with a calculation of 0.5 L/ton. It is used by mixing 0.5 L into 1 ton of drinking water to provide vitamin and amino acid support for cattle, sheep, goats and poultry.

Per animal as a daily practice; Cow (Lactation): 10-20 mL Fattening cattle: 6-10 mL Calves and calves: 2-5 mL Sheep and goats: 2-3 mL Lamb, Capricorn: 1-1.5 mL Poultry: 2-3 mL (for 1 L of water) All amounts of delivery, childbirth, etc. it can be increased by 50% to prevent various stress conditions such as.




It is used to meet the amino acid, vitamin and mineral needs of animals. It causes appetite thanks to the special aromatic substances contained in it. Eating soil prevents the formation of wall licking (Pica). It helps the ovaries to function properly. It allows the uterus to prepare for a new pregnancy. Accelerates the increase of live weight. It increases the number of spermatozoids and motile spermatozoids. It contributes to the fact that more than one egg is laid during ovulation in sheep and multiple offspring are obtained. It is used in the summer season against heat stress. It makes the feather color bright. It regulates the flora in the digestive tract and strengthens immunity. It is used as an aid in dietary changes and in stress situations. It supports the increase of egg yield in chickens. With regular use in horses, appetite and performance improve. In fattening cattle, it contributes to growth, development and increase in yield. It plays a role in meeting the need for phosphorus, which is very necessary for laying hens and milk-giving and pregnant animals. In cattle; meadow tetany, in other animals; hypersensitivity and ossification help prevent the occurrence of calcification, convulsions, strokes and death in large vessels, endocardium and spleen. It helps prevent anemia in animals.
Product Pcs/Box Pallet Size  (cm) Box/Pallet Pallet/20'DC Pallet/40'HC Pallet/Truck

Nano Vit - Liquid Nutrient Premix (Poultry Species) (1 L)

15 100x120 54 10 21 26

Nano Vit - Liquid Nutrient Premix (Poultry Species) (250 ML)

45 100x120 54 10 21 26


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