Nano Teat Guard
Nano Teat Guard

Usage Instruction

After milking without diluting, dipping cups or It is applied to the nipples with da systems. Apply-After feeding, the animals are released. Apply a Consumption amount per cow per mada cow It ranges from 7 to 10 mL. After its application, A membrane layer forms on the nipples. A It can stay on the teats until the next milking. This membranous layer is removed by cleaning before milking. It comes out spontaneously over the nipples.



10% PVP-iodine (5000 ppm) in its content and acidic (pH 4-6) is inhibited. 5 to 5 days after application Permanent on nipples in 6 minutes forms a visible membrane layer.

2 hours, which is the natural closing time of the teats after milking Superior mechanical protection at nipples throughout the membrane formed on the nipples while providing The layer stays for at least 6 hours. With this feature, three teats in enterprises milking and above from the nipples of the membrane layer formed on separating, clogging the filters or getting into the milk. probability is minimized. Breast with its balanced structure does not prevent their head from breathing.


Retention Conditions

in a dry and cool place without direct contact with sunlight. should be stored in the environment. Shelf life from date of manufacture from 24 months.



Povidone iodine



Product Pcs/Box Pallet Size (cm) Box/Pallet Pallet/20'DC   Pallet/40'HC   Pallet/Truck 

Nano Teat Guard - After Milking  (20 L)

1 100x120 32 10 21 26

Nano Teat Guard - After Milking (5 L)

4 100x120 54 10 21 26

Nano Teat Guard - After Milking (1 L)

15 100x120 54 10 21 26


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